Architektenkammer Berlin

The Berlin Chamber of Architects is a statutory body whose membership comprises c. 6,800 architects and city planners. Its objective is to advance the culture and art of building, the construction industry, city planning and landscape preservation.
Architekten über Grenzen

Architekten über Grenzen e.V. (Architects without Borders) was set up to help small aid organizations and other NGOs without planning and building staff of their own to implement their construction projects. As a member of an international network, the association seeks to put at the disposal of the above organizations the experience their specialized planners have gained while working abroad. It also provides advise as to the funding of projects. If required, it puts interested parties in contact with in-country planners. Where this is not feasible or only possible to a limited extent, the association may also dispatch into the region in question specialists of its own. Thus, the realization, even under adverse conditions, of important projects, such as clinics or schools, is to be facilitated.
BDA - Bund Deutscher Architekten

In 1903, the Bund Deutscher Architekten (German Institute of Architects) was established as an association of independent architects with the aim of highlighting, in the face of quality decline of the built environment, the objectives and contents of architecture. The BDA acknowledges the necessity of responsible, comprehensive planning of a built environment worth living in.
The BDA promotes:
• High standards of planning and construction that reflect the architect’s responsibility vis-à-vis society and the environment,
• The reputation of this intellectual profession,
• The competitiveness of its members as independent architects.
Deutsche Gesellschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen

The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) aims to find, raise awareness about, and promote ways of making construction sustainable. We cover the entire building lifecycle, from planning to construction and building use. The DGNB sees itself as the umbrella organization in Germany for the sharing of expertise, further training, and awareness raising among the general public in all matters related to this futureproof area of the construction sector. The Council's main task is the certification of sustainable buildings.
NAX - Network for Architecture Exchange

Mit dem Netzwerk Architekturexport NAX unterstützt die Bundesarchitektenkammer deutsche Architekten auf ihrem Weg zu neuen Märkten. Dabei setzt das Netzwerk vor allem auf den persönlichen Einsatz der Teilnehmer und Partner aus den Bereichen Politik, Wirtschaft und Medien. Sie machen sich dafür stark, dass 'Architektur Made in Germany' weltweit immer bekannter wird.
Als eines von ca. 40 international tätigen deutschen Planungsbüros ist [phase eins[. Pate im NAX.
Planned in Germany

The Federal Chambers of Architects and Engineers in Germany, BAK and BlngK, and the German Association of Consulting Engineers VBI founded together Planned in Germany. With the Internet platform constructors and investors worldwide receive a swift and comprehensive overview of the outstanding performances of German architects, engineers, and infrastructure planners.
Union internationale des architectes

International Union of architects
VBI - Verband beratender Ingenieure

With a membership of 3 000 companies employing more the 45 000 highly-skilled employees, the German Association of Consulting Engineers - VBI (Verband Beratender Ingenieure) is one of the largest consulting associations world-wide. Experienced VBI members are available as partners for project planning, design, testing, building supervision, feasibility studies, and the production of expert reports. VBI members operate in fields covering the entire range of technological-commercial consulting, from the general planning of complex large projects through to specialist planning and company consulting. Its members generate a combined annual turnover of approximately Euro 40 billion and supervise an investment volume of Euro 240 billion. The member companies of VBI not only represent an important economic factor in Germany, but strengthen the excellent global reputation of German consulting, and make significant contributions towards positioning Germany in global markets.