Founded in 1998, [phase eins]. is directed by two equal partners Benjamin Hossbach and Christian Lehmhaus.
Specialization Staffed by a team of architects and other professionals, [phase eins]. specializes in "phase one" of architecture and urban planning projects. Our services cover management consultancy for preparing project fundamentals, fine-tuning project design and selecting optimal partners for subsequent stages of planning. Our core competence rests in managing design competitions and other tender procedures in all planning areas.

Our specialization gives clients the liberty and option of entrusting the other planning stages to architects other than the first phase consultants, if desired.
Competence [phase eins]. applies years of experience and technical expertise in conducting planning studies, coordinating competition procedures and developing mediation strategies for conflict resolution.

We have comprehensive know-how in handling the content and technical aspects of projects of various scales and fields in Germany, Europe and other countries internationally. The project spectrum of our portfolio extends from architecture and urban planning to related disciplines like landscape architecture, new media and art. We integrate our expertise in equal measure to the strategic development of work and decision-making structures of planning processes.
Integrity With many highly sensitive, complex and demanding projects in our project catalogue, the [phase eins]. team has at its disposal the required understanding, tact and diplomatic skills needed to act and operate suitably in any given situation, always keeping loyalty and responsibility to our client, the project and project budget in the foreground. These skills enable us to manage even small projects economically and yet at a very high standard.
Evolving methodology [phase eins]. continuously develops its working methods and analytical and presentation tools in order to provide our clients with the highest level of planning security and quality while highlighting cost-saving potential. The comprehensive application of modern presentation techniques, database systems and the Internet is a self-evident component of our work and strategies.
Authenticity of expertise Prior to specializing in competition management the professionals behind [phase eins]. worked for many years on the other side of competition procedures: as architectural planners and client representatives developing and managing commercial projects.
Reputation [phase eins]. enjoys international renown for its expertise and professionalism and is an active member of various work groups within the Association of German Architects (BDA), Chamber of Architects and German Association of Consulting Engineers (VBI). We contribute to architectural discourse through lectures and presentations at universities and conferences and regularly submit articles to trade journals. The quality and importance of our work have been acknowledged and published in leading German and international press.