Letter of invitationDear Madam, Dear Sir,

The European Parliament has decided to initiate an international design competition for the renewal of its plenary building in Brussels. We hereby invite the best architects to apply to participate in the design competition.
The European Parliament is a symbolic heart and home of European democracy, central to the continent’s modern history. The European Parliament, through its directly elected Members, represents more than 440 million European citizens. Its building heritage is significant not only for the European legislators, but also for citizens, in that it provides important public spaces for dialogue and for experiencing European democracy and its values and is also a focal point for European celebrations and commemorations of our joint democratic heritage.

Interior view Plenary hall Paul-Henri Spaak Building
© European Union
The European Parliament is housed in a significant complex of buildings in the center of Brussels. During the past years, it has expanded the parliamentary estate and adapted its facilities so as to reflect its growing role as a fully-fledged co-legislator by providing Members with the best possible working conditions. The enlargement of the European project, currently with 27 Member States, and changes in security standards require a renewal of the plenary building (SPAAK building).
At the same time, the complex should meet the requirements of a transparent organization. The Parliament of the Members is the Parliament of the people. It is open to citizens, interacts with them and provides them with an extraordinary experience. Interaction with citizens is an evolutionary process: beginning as passers-by, citizens progress to becoming visitors, participants and, finally, co-legislators. Welcoming citizens in all their diversity and with all of their values encourages them to be a part of the European project.
With the renewed complex, the European Parliament seeks to set an example in its overall environmental approach. It is intended to be sustainable, with sustainability being measured in terms of operability, maintainability, flexibility and adaptability. This flexibility should be considered in terms of space, time and technologies. The building and its development process should incorporate best durability and sustainability practices with a considered balance between simplicity and thoughtful technology. The project of the renewal aims for a positive environmental impact.
The SPAAK building is the main building of the European Parliament. It houses the hemicycle as well as the main welcoming functions for citizens, for the media and for official visitors. The prospective building will be integrated into and linked to its urban, natural and social environment.
If you wish to participate in this competition, you will find the procedure documents intended to provide you with the information necessary for establishing an application file on this website address in the section downloads.

If you wish to participate in the competition, please submit your application in English before the deadline set out in the provisions of the administrative rules.
On behalf of the European Parliament I would like to invite you to take part in the procedure and I thank you in advance for the effort you will put into it.

Leena Maria Linnus

European Parliament
Director General for Infrastructure and Logistics